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Why you’ll love working with us

We build right

The most important concept for us. Because we wouldn’t want to do it any other way.

We solve problems

Developing software is all about solving problems.

We are courageous

We know we can do it.

We are efficient

Fast and furious, because time is money.

Our skills

Reactive Systems

We develop responsive, resilient and elastic systems that can handle high load.

Systems that do not brake under high load

We develop responsive, resilient and elastic systems that can handle high load. We use Hystrix, JavaRX, Vert.X and Akka to achieve it.

Big Data

We have great experience in developing Big Data systems.

Big data analytics

Our team has great experience working on Big Data projects and large scale systems.


We develop systems based on asynchronous communication.

Async communication

We develop systems based on asynchronous communication and eventual consistency. We use RabbitMQ and ActiveMQ.


Splitting a system into microservices is a must in modern softwares.

Microservice architecture

We develop our applications as a set of small services that communicate to each other over REST. We use Docker to simplify deployment.


We are big fans of test and deployment automation.

Continuous Integration

Continuous integration and delivery is one of the most important concepts in HooLooVoo.


We use a set of very advanced monitoring systems.

Monitoring tools

We use various monitoring teams from Zabbix and Nagios to NewRelic, with a high level of customization.

Our values


Open and honest communication.


Because life and work without passion is boring.

Take Nothing for Granted

Raise questions to make a change.

Who We Are

Our Philosophy

Only great people create great results. We are building the company that can produce the greatest results. With that in mind, we at HooLooVoo select only top talented developers to join our team. We prefer quality over quantity. We only hire developers with experience on challenging projects or very talented young developers.

Great developers need challenging projects to work on. We are very careful in selecting partners and projects to work on.

We are very passionate about Big Data systems and online gambling platforms. This is where we have achieved our greatest results so far.

Team Members

Predrag Spasojević


A passionate but awful go-kart driver.

Predrag has been developing software for the gambling industry since 2001. For eight years he was the CTO of Mozzart Bet, the biggest sports betting operator in South East Europe. Since 2012 he has been a consultant for iGame.com and software architect of the iGame backend platform.

Marko Stanković

Senior Java Developer

In love with Clojure, but not allowed to code in it.

Marko has more than six years of experience working on Big Data and large scale distributed systems. Prior to joining HooLooVoo he worked for Amazon.com in the CloudWatch team.

Nikola Dangubić

Senior Java Developer

He is weird – he reads books (not IT related).

Nikola has strong background in developing systems for sports betting as well as in DWH and BI solutions. Before joining us, he was the lead software developer in TicketMaster, working on DWH/BI solutions.

Miloš Knežević


He will be fired soon.

Miloš has 6+ years of experience as DevOps, mainly as a team leader on Big Data projects. He is passionate about automation, high availability and monitoring.

Ana Petrović

Junior Developer

A passionate and excellent go-kart driver.

Prior to joining us she had worked for two years at the most prestigious IT college in Serbia. She is focused on test automation, stress testing and coding in PHP and Java.

Nenad Čolović

Senior Java Developer

Drives Honda Civic and is very proud of it.

Nenad’s key strength is in developing Big Data systems, as well as in traditional business applications. Besides Java he is also fluent in PHP.

Dragan Bijanić

Senior Java Developer

He plays tamburitza.

Dragan has more than 15 years of experience. He has a background in developing sports betting systems and is a skilled team leader. He was Development Lead in Mozzart Bet for four years.

Sreten Antić

Senior Developer

His guitar gently weeps.

Sreten has ten years of experience in Java. He has worked on various java based systems from Big Data to Enterprise solutions. Besides Java, he is also fluent in PHP.

Vladimir Ćirković

Senior Java Developer

Has a motorcycle, but goes on foot through the city.

Experienced Java guru. Ten years in professional Java programming.

Dejan Tasić

Senior JavaScript Developer

Always has a joke up his sleeve.

Dejan started with photography and shutter button, but soon shifted towards more buttons – becoming a JavaScript Rock Star.

Nemanja Ćosović

Senior Frontend Developer

BMW owner with a tendency to keep his car more in a garage than on the road.

He has decided to end his over a decade long freelance career by signing with us. With a keen eye for details, he is passionate about the visual and is sometimes very vocal about changing the our website’s colors.

Marko Kovačević

Senior JavaScript Developer

His innocent looks did not deceive embassy staff, so he didn’t get a visa.

Marko is our silent React killer. He gained desirable knowledge and experience in just a few years of professional experience. Another thing he does equally fast is motivating people to action.

Tomislav Tomčić

JavaScript Developer

The only person from Vojvodina among us.

Tomislav made his first programming steps in his friend’s basement. He has gone a long way and arrived to us – now the sky is the limit for his work in React.

Vaso Zimonja

Senior Java Developer

When Vaso is in a pub, he never drinks even number of beers and never less than a pint.

Kind faced rockstar Java developer with a friendly attitude. Reliability level over 9000. Assigning the task to him means it will be done and done right.

Branko Jovičić

Junior JavaScript Developer

Youngest among us.

We liked him so much that we opened up a fresh position just so we would have him here.

Nemanja Ratković

Senior Java Developer

Typo and spell checker blackbelt.

Gentle soul with an appetite for Java. Decade long experience with developing Web Services and Big Data systems.

Nemanja Mitrović

Test Engineer

Goes by the nickname of Tromi. Kickboxer with an attitude.

Until recently, he was our sole test engineer. When he finds a bug developers are instantly working on a fix without any say.

Aleksandar Radulović

Senior Java Developer

When we’re faced with a problem he is the one to offers a solution in terms of a book recommendation.

Highly analytical and precise, combining that with a long Java experience, there are no issues that are deemed unsolvable. A typical wolf in sheep’s clothing – always with a smile, but under the surface he is razor sharp

Nemanja Tozić

Java Developer

Newest and youngest among us.

Toza is our full stack ninja. Albeit being fresh face he has amassed awesome skills and knowledge. He faces no obstacles when it comes to technology and program languages.

Tanja Mikić

HR & Office manager

Always carries her lunch from home…

HooLooVoo Super Woman in charge of everything that is not IT.

Svetlana Šulović Jovanović

HR Assistant

Person with a longest entry in our contacts list. Ever since high school her ringtone is “Paint It Black” by Rolling Stones – not likely to be changed any time soon.

While taking care of her family she got tricked by Tanja into signing up with Hooloovoo. Some believe the reason behind Tanja’s lobbying was so she wouldn’t finish last in our annual swimming pool contest. Very successful in heroically carrying out all non-IT related tasks.

Clients and Friends

We support

local non-IT startups

because IT startups will find support anyway

Wooden sunglasses

Pray’s mission: We want to create products with unique design and steady quality, that will be the result not only of our creativity and skills, but also listening to the needs of our customers. We strive to discover in each new collection the beauty of nature and ways of bond nature and man. Continuous changes in design and production process we are trying to overcome boundaries and go for a step further in creating.

Educational toys

Archi PLAY is a brave new brand of playful educational tools with architectural twist. These toys were designed to develop spatial awareness, creative problem solving and abstract thinking.


Socks From Heaven are not just socks – they reflect the state of mind, consciousness, and freedom of mind. Sounds pretentious? It is. Socks From Heaven are not for the average, they are not for people without personality, nor for those who don’t risk. They are for those who know how it feels being different, being courageous, special, unique. On the verge of rebellion and the city spirit deprived of stereotypes, Socks From Heaven impose individuality as an imperative. That is why the design of each Socks From Heaven model is inspired by human defects and virtues, as they are part of us and make us unique.

Get in Touch

Apply via pokidaj@hooloovoo.rs. Convince us that you are Dejan or Marina!