The Tealhinator (occupation by RNN)

Becoming a Pinter, Garner, Pepytatil Nurse, Chief Infospation Officer or Tealhinator, as a career choice, seems to be completely fine in the eyes of a Recurrent Neural Network The context? Generating new occupations based on existing ones Wiki fetch In order to get existing job titles – Wikipedia was consulted At start, plan was to [...]

The Tealhinator (occupation by RNN)2018-02-02T22:23:01+01:00

Bootstrap Karpathy RNN

There are plenty of resources on Machine Learning and Neural networks, and many interactive playgrounds where you can learn and test out ML concepts. If you still need references before going further – check out the basics Recurrent neural networks (RNNs), present a artificial NN type in which units go through a directed cycle, allowing [...]

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