Build Raspi ⏰ with Unicorn HAT in just 6 months

Hey everyone! Hope you are having a great Sunday and we hope you’re ready to watch another episode of Sunday knock together random stuff because™

On this episode of SKTRSB, we are going show you a simple recipe on how to make a Raspberry Pi clock in just a few months and for barely three times the price of 10 regular branded clocks


  • 1 Raspberry Pi
  • 1 Unicorn HAT
  • 3 Ninja diffusers
  • 2 Frosted diffusers
  • 5½ Plastic twisties
  • 1 Smartphone holder


🕐 Connect Unicorn HAT to Raspi

🕜 Setup Python 3 with all dependencies

🕠 Learn basics before failing miserably

Yeah, that's not two

yeeah, that’s not 2…

🕓 Improvise and try not to be too lame

Obligatory heart

omg, so romantic, wow, such marry material

🕙 Get bored and forget the project

🕑 Return after a few months and download our code with marvelous representation of digits

🕝 Set /sys/class/leds/led?/brightness to 0 via cron, if you don’t want Sirius A in the bedroom

🕞 Add code reference to rc.local (e.g. python3 /opt/alphonses-hat/ &)

🕔 Add one ninja diffuser on top of the Unicorn HAT

🕟 Create a LEGO holder

LEGO case

acceptable but kid wants to break it apart

🕕 Turn it on and nearly get blind during first night

🕡 Try adding one more ninja diffuser for the following night

🕖 Enjoy pleasant reflector lights

🕣 Try with 2x ninja and 1x frosted diffuser on the night to come

🕦 Enjoy pleasant reflector lights in the winter scenery

Stadium lights

src: FM Industry

🕢 Try with 3 ninja and 2 frosted diffusers

🕗 Go to sleep and enjoy the darkness, but fail to see if the clock is actually turned on at all

Hello darkness my old friend

from left to right: bedroom door, night cabinet, bed, shelf with the clock

🕡 Disassemble everything and try with only 3 ninja diffusers

🕘 Tell everyone on Facebook you’re a miracle worker that can sleep at night and see the clock

🕓 Connect everything with plastic twisties

🕤 Hail accidentally created abbreviation, to be on it’s good side, if it ever comes to life

Hans, get the flamethrower!

Hans, Get ze Flammenwerfer!

🕥 Employ two unused frosted diffusers as stand, since you already bought them


wife complains that white plastic twist tie defies Feng shui

🕚 Take everything apart and wait for 2-3 months because you have 0 ideas how to advance with design

🕛 Have an epiphany and settle with the final shape of Raspi clock





🕧 Write a blog post about it and go to sleep